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Professional Handyman Services

Completed Quickly, Made To Last

Illinado, LLC focuses on expert handyman services of all kinds, including bathroom, kitchen, flooring, framing and more! Our high-quality craftsmen are devoted to providing outstanding interior & exterior handyman services.

Local Handyman Services

Illinado, LLC has been trusted in the local area for over 5 years to perform a large range of interior and exterior handyman projects.

The sheer number of home projects that many of us have can be overwhelming.

Our team works hard to make the process of addressing and completing them easier.

1. Close Communication

We’ll communicate closely with you to make sure that we understand your project’s vision fully.

2. Professional Recommendations

Then, we’ll gently add our own professional recommendations that we think could improve the value or beauty of your project.

3. Review Project Plans

Finally, we’ll review project plans, making sure that everything is in place to achieve the highest quality results.


Illinado Home Solutions, LLC, offers quality home improvement services at an affordable price. Their team takes pride in understanding your project plan, as well as your financial situation, and prides themselves on finding creative home improvement solutions that keep quality high and costs low. In short the consultative process is first class. Their proposals were both very clear and comprehensive and the build quality exceptional.

John Davis-Eves

High quality service

Illinado Home Solutions is a professional company whose goal is to deliver high quality service to every customer. They are also concerned with getting accurate information in the hands of potential customers so they can make solid decisions about remodeling. I recommend you contact Illinado Home Solutions for your next home improvement project.

T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air Inc.

Excellent quality

Illinado Home Solutions has an eye for detail and delivers their expertise in a timely, cost effective, professional matter. Illinado brings in a fresh set of eyes to your project needs with a vision of excellent quality and return on your investment. I would highly recommend Illinado for any home improvement or remodeling needs.

Tim Parker

Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring & Finish

Kitchen Repairs

Your kitchen is an essential part of the home and you probably spend hours in it every week.

That’s why we give careful attention to all our kitchen handyman projects.

Our team works closely with you to understand your ideas, add any suggestions we may have and make sure to give you new kitchen design that brings value and energy to the interior of your home.


Custom Cabinets

Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Birch, Pine, Poplar, Hickory, Mahogany, Ash & more


Custom Countertops

Wood, Granite, Laminate, Marble, Concrete, Stainless Steel, Glass


Custom Floors



Custom Islands



Custom Framing


Custom Vanities, Floors, Showers and More

Bathroom Repairs

We offer a wide range of bathroom repair services to help you find and customize the interior design right for you.

Our handyman team works with you to create a project plan that can include custom-made vanities & sinks, stylized flooring or tiling, tub & shower installations, quarter baths, half baths, and full bathrooms.

Our professional handyman services can meet any of your customization needs and we’ll always work with you to find an affordable price.

Wood, Tile & Laminate


Replacing or refinishing floors is a great way to bring a fresh, new feel to your home.

We offer full-range flooring services, which means that our team of Professional Front Royal Handymen handle everything from removal & preparation to installation & cleanup.

If your floors are still in good condition but need some repair, we’ll find a stain and finish that compliments the color scheme in your house.

If you need new floors, we’ll explore a number of different materials (like wood, tile, laminate, and linoleum), stains & finishes customized to your needs and remodeling ideas.

Wood, Steel & Metal


Illinado, LLC also offers custom wood, steel & metal framing services.

Whether it’s your kitchen or your garage, our Front Royal Handyman team can custom frame any part of your house and take care of the whole process from removal to installation.

Once we finalize project design plans with you, we’ll check to make sure the frame is sturdy and supportive and make sure that it looks great in your home.


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