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What is Remodeling?

So you want to fix up your house. Something needs to change: maybe your kitchen is too small and cramped, or you need to replace some things in your bathroom because of an injury that restricts your movement, or you want to install a wireless home theater system, or...

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Easy to Follow Beginner Guide to Extending a Deck

A deck is an important part of any home, follow this guide to extending a deck to help add space and value to your house. Most people are quick to say that they need more space. Whether you are having a party or simply grilling out for dinner, a small deck can be a...

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What Is A Quarter Bath?

What is a quarter bath? You've probably heard the term thrown around before, but maybe aren't quite sure what it means. Well, a quarter bath is a restroom that has only one fixture instead of having all the components of a traditional bathroom. Typically due to...

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Home Flooring Ideas

Look for some home flooring ideas for your remodeling project? Find out the best types of flooring for your kitchen, bathroom, living room and more!

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3 Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

You’re excited to own your home, but often wonder what pet friendly flooring options exist because pets are family. We understand – although your floor may not. In the wild, dogs are territorial creatures. Just because you’ve allowed one to come into your home as a...

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